New Censorship

All the newsagencies that posted updates on the Egyptian revolution regularly yesterday are now almost down, is facebook censoring these messages or what? Yesterday every other minute there was a new update, but the last update from news agencies like "R.N.N." and "We are all Khaled Said" are from more than half an hour ago! Al-jazeera is constantly giving us fresh news, but Facebook and Twitter are much slower, while these media should be the ultimate weapon in toppling these dictatorian regimes, via quick mobilization of people. This is only possible through fast communication, but instead popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook seem to be delaying messages on these topics. On Twitter Egypt isn't one of the most popular topics Worldwide. How is it possible that people are talking more about WeLoveTokioHotel than Egypt, what is this new censorship?! Is Twitter following orders from the White House not to report on this revolution? Could Facebook be purposefully delaying the posts on topics like Egypt and also Tunisia? All news is either old (seen it on al-jazeera an hour ago) or it's not newsworthy at all. What is this?

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